Friday, February 27, 2009

Something to talk about in the locker room

We watched Harold and Maude the other day in class. I am in love with the movie. No lie. We watched it on Tuesday in class, on Wednesday I bought it and watched it with a friend, yesterday I watched it again with other friends... it keeps getting better. Especially when I told one friend it was a romantic comedy and she would enjoy it. She did, but not because it was a romantic comedy.

To explain Harold and Maude would be like trying to explain the fun of fishing to a vegan. You don't get the full experience and it loses its majesty. After coming back from the movie, a friend and I were talking about it. People in my suite (especially my roommate) were giving us horrified looks as we laughed about the "suicide" attempts of the movie. Of course we knew that it wasn't real and the movie made it humorous but no one else understood the humor. That is why I went an bought the movie.
The movie itself reminded me of Juno and its lax feel with witty dialogue and mellow music. While Juno is more indie and Harold and Maude is ...well Cat Stevens, it still brings a soothing feel to the movie. Of course after watching the movie (for the second time) we watched Thank You For Smoking (same people who produced Juno). Another out there kind of film.
It is no wonder why Harold and Maude is a cult classic. I am sad I did not discover it earlier and am immensely thankful for the chance to have seen it and more importantly share it. It is an inspiring movie of living life to the fullest and never taking one day for granted. Death is not the end, mearly a new beginning.

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Wunderer1954 said...

Hi Sic -I am 57 years old, married 32 years with 4 children ages 25-31(close enough).
I was 17 when Harold and Maude came out and I saw it with now ex brother-in-law.
It changfed my life for the better and I have very often loosely quoted the line- go play the game, so you will have somethig to talk about in the locker room.
That line alone is worth a lifetime of questoining and uncertainty and insecurity and normal doubts and moods as we get hit one way or anouther with life's spitballs and beanballs and broken bat singles vs. home runs or even just doubles. Peace. Enjoy. Be a good sport. Ciao.