Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A poetic response

When hearing the critizisms of the falling man and other artists, I thought one of my responses should be in an art form.

A ode to the 9/11 artist

Who are we to deny
family, friends and artists alike
the beauty, the sorrow
and an overwhelming wish
for a better life
a kinder death
and the painful awakening
to a world deeply troubled
for all we see is a man
a man who holds up a camera
as only an artist can
and looks through a lens
a man falls
a man dies
the living hold their breath
and wait
but the man with the camera
does as he always has
focus in and snap
it is a shot that changes a nation
a picture that headlines a tragedy
so now we wait
we wait in honor
we wait for love
we mourn but still live
and to the artist
eyes scrutinize and mouths rant
not enough gore or heartbreak
not enough pain
and the experience is judged
art, testimony, accounts
of an event that shook all
and brought a world to its knees
but who will share the pain
look upon a picture created
not of splendor and art
but of passion
for beauty is not lost
when blind eyes are turned
but shoved to the side
and not openly stared upon
still looked at by those
who admire not with just body
but also with soul

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