Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A new start.

So now that the class has ended, maybe the blog can continue though not centered on pain. I have finished two out of three classes. I am glad to be rid of crazy spanish and gender teachers and the stress that came with both. 20 days till I head back north to school. I am counting down by the minutes. This has been the most stressful summer of my life and I cannot wait for it to end.

However with one door closing the new pressure of being a third year mocker arrises. The mock trial team had me physically ill last semester with all the problems and I don't see much relief in the future from it. Quit! People have screamed to me to end it all, but I can't. Maybe I'm a masochist and welcome it but I just can't get away.

At least I will get away from my mother, God knows we need some time apart. We are two very different people who want two very different things for me in life. I want to push myself and she thinks I'm going to fall on my face. Time for a step back and a step away. She doesn't shout anymore and for some reason that bothers me the most out of everything going on. Who knows? Maybe silence really does break the heart.