Friday, February 20, 2009


A book that has captivated generations but hardly known within the US. As a country we certainly don't branch into many spanish classics, especially when making a summer reading list. Some may have read Don Juan or Don Quixote but few have heard of, much less read, Celestina. I have never read it either. While my father may have been raised in the Puerto Rican culture of Brooklyn NY, I can safely say I have never heard of him speak of the play like novel. It captivates and makes you question to reality of your dreams and desires, especially involving that of your love.
The presentation given by Professor Ealy was interesting. I applaud him for giving such a speech and thought it was wonderful. I was, however, most engaged during the question and answer period both with the audience and again with only the class. I found myself questioning the lack of God in the book, feeling if anything the author was more symbolic than blunt. It made for a fascinating story. The characters were often illusioned by their desires and fantasies instead of being tied to reality and the person they were with. I have never read anything like this and found it interesting if not a bit unusual.

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