Monday, February 16, 2009

Laughing at things that might not be funny...

An over need to figure out the difference between publish post and save now... *grumbles*

This is super late but I still felt the need to post it.

Last week I attended a lecture on Rape Jokes. It was meant to bring about awareness not defend the topic of rape. Walked into the lecture not really sure what to expect. Rape is a tough subject to talk about anytime but I kept an open mind and hoped for the best. I took three pages of notes throughout the whole lecture. I couldnt stop writing and thinking of points. I dont know if I would even be able to talk about most of them on my blog but I will try.

A video was shown from South Park's - The China Problem. It was the rape of the fictional character Indiana Jones by the director and writer. Now TV in my house was censored when I was growing up, but if I really wanted to I could find a way to watch what I wanted. However I had never watched South Park growing up and in fact only saw an episode a few months ago at my brothers house. I am not familiar with the concept of the show so there may be a bias to my statements. The first thing I will say about the rape scene is that it was intense. I had never felt intensity like that from a cartoon! It shocked and almost disgusted me to the point of I didn't want to watch. Even though it is fiction and not to be taken literally... I don't even know.

I am not one for censorship though and while I don't want to watch it, that does not mean I want it off the air. Films need to be made to send a message to the public, one we may not get otherwise.

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